Doordec OÜ

DoordecDoordec OÜ was established in 2010 based on Estonian capital. The company’s principal activity is manufacturing of steel doors and windows. Our portfolio includes steel and stainless steel plain and profile doors, windows, wall sections, aluminium profile glass facades. In addition to manufacturing doors and windows, we also perform various works in the form of subcontracting. We also provide installation and maintenance services for our products.

The production facilities of Doordec OÜ are located at Rehepapi tee 27, Soinaste village, Ülenurme, Tartumaa. We hold certificates for fire resistant doors and windows, which are classified based on the standard EN 13501-2:2007 A1:2009. We have also performed series of tests to determine the soundproofing, air, water, and fire load of the products.

The company employs 40 employees, most of them with long work experience in our field. We have a motivated team, a great work environment, and the facilities required for manufacturing high-quality products. 30% of our products are exported to Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland.

In 2011, the City Government of Tartu awarded the title of “The Best Beginner 2010” to Doordec OÜ.

In the period from 16 May 2011 – 31 December 2011, Doordec OÜ acquired the company’s fixed assets and developed with assistance from the start-up grant for beginning enterprises of Enterprise Estonia.

On 01.10.2016, Doordec OÜ launched the “Doordec OÜ Development Programme 2020” project. The European Regional Development Fund is supporting the company’s development plan within the framework of the support measures in the extent of 387,450.00 euros under project no. EU50823. The aims of the project include construction of a new production base, development of new products with the required technology and production equipment, and development of the company’s sales and management capabilities. As a result of the project, new products will be brought to the market, the sales revenue will be increased, and the amount of added value per employee will grow.