Doors for apartment buildings / apartments

We have experience in manufacturing and installation of steel doors and wall sections for the main entries to apartment buildings. In the case of new apartment buildings to be constructed, the solution of the main entry is specified by the designer in the specification. The solution may include a single or double door in an opening in the wall, a door with glass sections on the sides and above, or a door in a glass façade. In this case, we can draw up a quotation based on the specification. In the case of existing apartment buildings, however, only the doors are often replaced and complete design documents are not ordered. Replacement of the door does not qualify as a construction activity, which has a significant effect on the external appearance of the building and thus, design documentation is not required. In this case, it is possible to invite us to visit the site, where we can find the best-suited options in cooperation with your representative, based on which we will draw up the draft plans and the quotations. Then, you can summon a meeting and select one of the options.