Steel profile doors

Steel profile doors are used as internal or external doors in industrial buildings, offices, apartment buildings, etc. Our steel profile products are manufactured of the profile series of the Swedish manufacturer Stålprofil AB and of the Swiss manufacturer Forster Profilsysteme AG. Depending on a specific product, 50 mm steel profiles or 65 mm steel profiles with an interlayer are used. The products are coated with powder paint, the powder paint used for pre-painting priming of the doors, which are designed for installation in outdoor conditions or other highly humid conditions, contain zinc. Most of the steel profile door types can be manufactured of acidproof stainless steel profiles. Stainless steel profile doors are, above all, designed for using in very demanding conditions (humidity, chemicals, etc.), but are also used as design elements or external doors. Using stainless steel ensures the long service life of an external door.

Profile doors can also include interlaying profiles placed based on the design of the ordering party, incl. at various angles. Also, various materials can be used instead of the glass or metal panels, such as natural wood, stainless steel, brass, etc.

Frost-resistant external profile doors form a separate product group and must be used if the door is installed directly on the external perimeter of a building with no storm porch.

Non-frost resistant steel profile door K-1
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Frost resistant steel profile door K-2
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Frost resistant steel profile door K-3
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